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Welcome to our locksmith blog

Written by Administrator.

Welcome to locksmith of Staten Island blog

Locksmith Staten Island Blog.

Within the past few years, the average locksmith consumer has grown their interest and curiosity of the locksmith trade. The rising interest has grown due to security concerns, and the awareness for proper security systems. Here at Amerikey, Locksmiths of Staten Island we have created this blog to post articles about security systems both mechanical and electronic e.g. new locks & lock features, new technology electronic lock-sets and surveillance systems. Other articles may be written to answer some frequently asked questions, in addition you will find displayed informative locksmith solutions for your home and/or business in Staten Island, NY. So go ahead read up and enjoy all the great information our locksmiths have to offer. Did I mention this blog will be written by experienced locksmiths.

Have Questions?

Please don't be shy to drop us a line. Our experienced locksmith staff have tackled on many issues related to the trade some are quick fixed and other issues may be more complex due to the nature of the situation. Don't hesitate email or call us today (718) 635-3712. Happy blogging.

Tips on shopping wisely for a locksmith

Written by Robert.

Pull up your preferred search engine and type your search for a locksmith. You will find many advertised locksmith on the top, and right side of the page. These are knows as paid ads or "pay per click" ads. So which one should you choose? Here are some tips and tricks to help guide you through the rather confusing process.

Beware of Locksmith company ad scams

Written by Sammy.

Many locksmith companies advertise their locksmith service for just $10. Some even offer locksmith service for just $5. This is true especially in Staten Island where the competition is fierce. Most customers in need of locksmith services don't take the time to stop and ask themselves if its actually just 10 dollars?

Top lock for apartment door?

Written by James.

The jimmy proof drop bolt uses an interlocking vertical bolt mechanism to provide maximum security. The lock-set is installed on the interior surface of the door, and the strike plate is installed on the interior surface of the door frame. Security comes from two interlocking vertical bolts that engage the strike plate.

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