Beware of Locksmith company ad scams

Written by Sammy.

People are accustomed to shopping around for a product or service that's usually more expensive such as electronics, furniture or contractor services. When it comes time to search for "locksmith services", people are not really shopping around wisely, instead they just search the term "locksmith" on the search engines such as Google, Yahoo or Bing, and chose the cheapest price advertised. Ask yourself this, How can any company send out a technician to provide a service such as unlocking a door for just $10? Well the answer is simple, its not possible. The truth is very simple, these "locksmith companies" are not really locksmith companies. They charge you $10 for answering and dispatching the service call. In other words, they charge you $10 for answering your service request, a telephone answering service. This telephone answering service companies then dispatch a local free lance locksmith. When the locksmith technician arrives and performs the job he will add the $10 service call charge in addition to the trip charge parts and labor performed. Customers locked out of their car or home have painfully endured this experience. Guide your self accordingly, do your research before selecting a locksmith service, ask questions and then go with your gut feeling on which locksmith company is good for you. Please don't be a victim by settling for the lowest advertised price, there's always a catch. Happy locksmith hunting.

Tips on shopping wisely for a locksmith

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