Tips on shopping wisely for a locksmith

Written by Robert.

Research a locksmith Company

  • Skip through the sponsored links on the top and side of the page
  • Go through the organic links and select the one that seems to provide the best quality of service.
  • Open up that website and read through the companies products and services about them and testimonials.
  • Google that company and read through their ratings and reviews

Unsatisfied customers usually write the most reviews, not finding any reviews about a company isn't necessarily a bad thing.

Ordering the locksmith service

  • Ask about detailed pricing before you order a low advertised company.
  • Make sure you understand what the dispatcher is saying and repeat the important notes for clarification.
  • Verify with the technician what the dispatcher quoted before the locksmith arrives.

DO NOT give your service location to any locksmith company. Provide this information only to the company you hire.

Upon the arrival of the locksmith

  • Go over all the charges before the locksmith performs the work.
  • Don't leave the bill for last. Get everything you spoke about in writing, so that there are no hidden fees or misunderstood charges
  • Ask the locksmith questions about the security and integrity of your existing hardware if any, inquire what it'll cost to upgrade to better locks
  • Again make sure you understand each other clearly so that there are no hidden charges.

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